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Chasing Creative is all about how everyday people can make creativity a priority in their daily lives. We're talking to regular people who have insights and action steps you can take TODAY to make your creative plans happen. Whether you’re squeezing creative pursuits into your kids' naptimes or in the evening after working a 9-5, we're here to give you the inside scoop on how regular people are chasing creative.

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    Episode 24: Choosing Your Own Creative Path with Aliza Latta

    Aliza Latta is a twenty-one-year-old writer, storyteller, artist, and hand letterer. She is a huge fan of both courage and ice cream, and we like how she thinks. We chatted with Aliza about her art, where she gathers her inspiration, why she chose not to go to college, and how choosing her own creative path has helped her find her passion.

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    Episode 23: Stumbling Upon Your Creative Passion with Sarah Woolworth

    Sarah Woolworth is the blogger behind Wisconsin from Scratch and a cofounder of Wisconsin Whisk, a collective of Wisconsin-based food bloggers. Sarah is a former engineer turned culinarian. We're excited to chat with her about finding her creative passion as an adult, starting a collective with other bloggers, managing a schedule filled with several creative projects and a young baby, and where she finds her cooking inspiration.

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    Episode 22: Choosing a Creative Life with Stephanie Hammer

    Stephanie is a freelance graphic designer with a passion for all things creative. Since graduating with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2015, she’s worked for numerous businesses, bloggers, and other creatives, bringing brands and web designs to life, and has even freelanced for dream clients like Target. On weekends you can find her with her cameras, and while she loves design, her true loves in life are her family and stuffed-crust pizza. She believes that creativity is essential for living a full life and that everyone is creative - and we agree. We couldn’t wait to speak with Steph about being a work at home mom, choosing graphic design over radiology, and being married to someone just as creative as she is.

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    Episode 21: Intentional Creativity with Erica Layne

    Erica Layne is the mom of three behind Let Why Lead, a place for purposeful women. Listen in as we chat with her about finding your why as a creative, living by your values, and being intentional about self-care and wellness.

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    Episode 20: Being a Global Creator with Amy Lynne Hayes

    Amy has played with wearing many hats over the years - artist, designer, blogger, freelance journalist. But at the root of all of this lies two things: a passion for travel and a creative, free-spirited soul. She now combines all of the above as the creative director for a luxury travel company headquartered in Miami, Florida, with 43 additional offices in 34 countries around the world. We chatted with Amy about how she makes travel a priority, what it’s like to run an Instagram hashtag that stretches around the world, and how the building blocks of her career led her to a dream job.

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    Episode 19: Creating vs. Consuming with Jenny Bravo

    Jenny Bravo is the self-published author of These Are the Moments and the blogger behind Blots and Plots, a motivational blog for readers and writers. We're chatting with Jenny about being intentional with your time, balancing creation with consumption, building the dreaded author platform, and crappy first drafts.

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    Episode 18: Finding Creativity in Loss with Amber Thomas

    Amber Thomas of Mr. Thomas and Me is one of our internet favorites. She’s genuine, geared for engagement, and so, so smart. We chatted with Amber about all the projects she has going (hint: it’s a lot of awesome), how her creativity changed as she experienced the loss of her father to dementia, and how she uses the internet in ways that keep her inspired.

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    Episode 17: Taking Creative Leaps with Josiah and Jenna Hazel

    Josiah and Jenna are newlyweds navigating the waters of making space for creative projects and taking big creative leaps. Josiah works in marketing by day and makes music by night while Jenna is a full-time creative as a self-employed photographer and blogger. Together, they recently released their first debut album for their band, Settling Houses. Join us as we chat about finding space in the margins for creative work, tackling a big creative project together, taking leaps of faith in your creativity, and dealing with the awkwardness of self-promotion.

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    Episode 16: Getting Gutsy With Your Creativity with Jessica Lawlor

    Today we are chatting with Jessica Lawlor. Jess is a communications professional, writer, personal branding expert and speaker in the Philadelphia area. After six years in the corporate PR world, Jessica left her job this spring to run her own communications agency, blog, and brand, and to teach yoga. We chat about her time management now that she is self-employed and how yoga brought new inspiration to her life.

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    Episode 15: Being a Creative Couple with Josh and Stasia Haroldson

    We're chatting with creative couple and hosts of the Our First Drink podcast Josh and Stasia Haroldson about what it looks like to be in a creative partnership with your spouse. Join us as we talk about the relationship dynamic that comes from working on a shared project, tips for any creative collaboration, and being yourself on social media.

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