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Chasing Creative is all about how everyday people can make creativity a priority in their daily lives. We're talking to regular people who have insights and action steps you can take TODAY to make your creative plans happen. Whether you’re squeezing creative pursuits into your kids' naptimes or in the evening after working a 9-5, we're here to give you the inside scoop on how regular people are chasing creative.

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    S3 E7: Checking In On Our Creative Goals & What To Expect Next Season

    In our last episode of Season 3 of Chasing Creative, we chat about how our creative projects and goals are going for 2017, what work looks like for each of us, and what we’re going to be doing on our next break. Join us for the conversation!

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    S3 E6: Embracing Your Season of Creativity with Lisa Hensley

    We're chatting with Lisa Hensley about how she embraces her season of motherhood and makes space for creativity as she raises three (soon to be four!) boys. Lisa is the master at working within the life she's living rather than wishing she had more time to create. Listen in to hear her wisdom!

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    S3 E5: Balancing a Creative Job & Creative Hobbies with Sarah Fox

    We chatted with author and editor Sarah Fox about how she balances her day job (which is writing and editing) with her side hustle (which is also writing and editing...), how she gets in a writing groove, and the books she thinks you should read right now.

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    S3 E4: Getting to Work with Elise Blaha Cripe

    We're chatting with Elise Blaha Cripe about being creative throughout the different stages of life, taking breaks from your creative projects, and where she got the inspiration to create her Get to Work Book.

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    S3 E3: Balancing Creativity & Community with Rachel Dawson

    We're chatting with blogger Rachel Dawson on how to balance work creativity with personal creativity, how to find a happy medium with social media, and what she's reading lately (she reads more than just about anyone else we know!).

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    S3 E2: Literary Cooking with Nicole Gulotta

    We're chatting with blogger and writer Nicole Gulotta about her forthcoming literary cookbook, Eat This Poem. Join us to hear her tips on managing the writing life while supporting other authors (and, of course, cooking delicious food).

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    S3 E1: We're Back & Setting Creative Goals

    We're back for Season 3 of the Chasing Creative podcast! And we're chatting all about setting creative goals, practical tips we have for making creativity easy to slip into your daily life, and - of course! - the books we read on our break.

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    S2 E7: Being flexible during busy seasons

    Ashley & Abbigail here with our final episode of Season 2 of the Chasing Creative podcast! We're taking another little break after our mini-season, and in this season's finale we chat about why, how rolling with life's ups and downs is essential to the creative process, and when we're (hopefully) going to be back again with new episodes in Season 3.

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    S2 E6: Catching Up With Jenna & Josiah Hazel

    Jenna and Josiah are newlyweds, and one of the most creative couples I know. Jenna works from home as a self-employed photographer and blogger. Josiah works in graphic design and makes music as much as he can in his spare time. He finds selling other people’s stuff easier than selling his own. They recently moved to Denver… and then back again, and we wanted to catch up with them in their new home in Chicago! We last heard from them in episode 17 of season one, and they’ve made a few changes since then.

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    S2 E5: Catching up with Callie Feyen

    We first chatted with Callie Feyen in Episode 5 of Season 1. At the time, Callie was living near Washington, DC, and was teaching part-time, writing part-time, and being a mom all the time. Now she's moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is learning to balance writing with a full-time teaching job and a lengthy commute. Listen in to hear about her new creative projects (including TWO books!) and how she's making them happen. You can follow along with Callie at and on Twitter and Instagram as @CallieFeyen.

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