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Chasing Creative is all about how everyday people can make creativity a priority in their daily lives. We're talking to regular people who have insights and action steps you can take TODAY to make your creative plans happen. Whether you’re squeezing creative pursuits into your kids' naptimes or in the evening after working a 9-5, we're here to give you the inside scoop on how regular people are chasing creative.

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    Bonus Episode: How We Planned Our Creative Retreat

    We were in the same room for the third time ever for our first (and hopefully not the last!) creative retreat. And we decided to record an episode all about how we made it happen, what our plan was, and what we accomplished while in a valley near LaCrosse, WI with no WiFi for 48 hours.

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    S5 E9: How This Podcast Has Changed Our Creative Work (and What's Next for Us)

    In the last episode of season 5, we're exploring all the ways recording this podcast has changed our own creative lives. We're talking about the power of audio conditioning in motivating you to do the work in front of you, catching up on our novel writing processes, sharing our progress in The 100 Day Challenge, and giving a preview of what's next for us in the months to come.

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    S5 E8: Doing the Creative Work: How We're Using the Lessons from Growing Gills

    We first chatted about Growing Gills with Addie Zierman in this episode on self-care, resourcing, and diving back into writing after some time away. Then, we got the chance to interview Jessica Abel herself on her method for creating systems that help you be creative in this episode. And then we realized that we had a lot to say about what Growing Gills taught each of us and how we’re incorporating those lessons into spending time on our own much-neglected creative projects. That’s what this episode is all about.

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    S5 E7: Jessica Abel on Integrating Creativity into Your Life

    Jessica Abel is cartoonist and author who is demystifying the creative process. Join us as we talk about her philosophy that the creative life is just . . . life. You’ll gain practical strategies for integrating creativity into your everyday life with systems and routines that work for you.

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    S5 E6: John Blase on moving from pastor to poet

    John Blase is a former pastor turned writer and editor. He spends his mornings writing poetry, his days as a developmental editor for Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers in Colorado Springs, and his evenings with his wife and three kiddos (when they’re home from college!). He preached for over a decade and has brought a pastoring stance to his writer’s pen. His books include The Jubilee: Poems; Know When To Hold ‘Em: The High Stakes Game of Fatherhood; Touching Wonder: Recapturing the Awe of Christmas; and All is Grace: A Ragamuffin Memoir (with Brennan Manning). We chat with John about when he gets his creative work done and how he switches from writing someone else’s story back to writing his own -- and it wouldn’t be a discussion of faith and writing today without a brief dip into the Enneagram.

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    S5E5: Intentional Creativity with Ron Vitale

    Science fiction and fantasy author Ron Vitale keeps up an impressive writing pace while working full time and being an active father. What’s his secret? Intentional creativity. Join us in this episode to hear how Ron makes space for creative work, manages marketing and networking alongside writing, and maintains a self-care routine.

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    Bonus Episode: A Year in Reading

    Reading is a big part of our creative lives, and we know the same is true of many of our listeners. We're giving you the rundown of our year in reading, including our top picks in a variety of genres, our favorite read-alouds for our kids, and the one book we BOTH couldn't finish. If mini book club is your favorite part of the podcast, this episode is for you!

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    S5 E4: Creativity, Burnout, and a New Way of Looking at Self-Care with Addie Zierman

    The creative world is full of people and places encouraging you to practice self-care. But what if the self-care that the world is promoting feels a little hollow? Addie Zierman shares with us a new way at looking at self-care on the podcast today. It’s called “resourcing” - and we think you’re going to gain a lot from this concept.

    Addie Zierman is the author of When We Were on Fire (named one of Publisher’s Weekly’s Best Books of 2013) and of Night Driving: A Story of Faith in the Dark. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and two sons and blogs regularly at

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    S5 E3: Taking creative risks with Andrea Debbink

    Andrea Debbink is an editor and author with more than a decade of experience in the publishing world. Currently she’s an editor at American Girl where she creates nonfiction content that empowers girls to explore their creative potential. Her new book Spark: A Guide to Ignite the Creativity Inside You just won a 2018 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. We chatted with Andrea about what it looks like to take a creative risk, her favorite books on creativity, and what creative risks Ashley and I are taking in 2019.

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    S5 E2: Creativity and Place with Jane Heinrichs

    How does the place you live and work impact your creativity? Do beautiful landscapes or bustling cities help boost creative inspiration? Join us as we explore these questions and more with illustrator Jane Heinrichs.

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    S5 E1: We're back!

    We’re back after an extended summer hiatus! And we’re so happy about it. Not much changed for Abbie, Ashley had a third baby, and here’s how they’re managing life and creativity as they ease back into life in the fall.

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    S4 E25: Creating in the Chaos

    In our last episode of Season 4, we’re chatting about how we keep creating even in chaotic seasons. Most of us have plans and dreams for the way we want our lives to go, but here in the real world, life is messy and unpredictable, and things rarely go as planned. When things go off the rails, creativity is often the first thing to take the hit. Sometimes scaling back is necessary, but we also believe there are ways we can prioritize creating even when we’re living right in the middle of chaos.

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    S4 E24: These are the Resources that Inspire our Creativity

    While we are usually bemoaning our lack of time to sort out all of our creative projects, every once in a while we get stuck in a place where we’ve got time or desire to do something creative, but find ourselves with an utter lack of inspiration. When that happens, we both have some tried-and-true places we turn to that give us that little nudge we need to get back to making, and we thought we’d share them in today’s episode.

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    S4 E23: Creativity on a Budget

    We’re all have limited resources to dedicate to creativity, and one of those is money. No matter what your financial situation, money is a finite resource, and we can only spend so much on creative pursuits---and the costs can add up quickly. So how do we budget for creative projects when we’re not independently wealthy? That’s the conversation in this week’s episode.

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    S4 E22: Social media and the creative life

    We’ve all heard that we’re supposed to be building an audience online. Even if we don’t want traditional success, many of us put our work online to share our creativity and use it to connect with others. But building all these “platforms” takes time and energy away from the creative process. It can make us discouraged as we compare ourselves to others and frustrated that we don’t have time to do all the things we’re “supposed” to be doing. So how do we balance social media and the creative life? That’s what we’re talking about in this episode.

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    S4 E21: Making Daily Tasks More Creative

    We have to eat, we have to have clean clothes, and we should probably vacuum once in a while. If you can’t outsource any (or all!) of those kinds of things, maybe the next best step is to inject a little more creativity into them so that they feel like less of a distraction from our creative goals and more a part of them. Join us in this episode to learn how we make our daily tasks a little more creative.

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    S4E20: Personality and Creativity

    We’re both personality nerds, so it’s no surprise that our Myers Briggs letters and Enneagram types have come up multiple times on the podcast before. In today’s episode, we’re devoting our entire conversation to the ways our personalities can affect our creative lives. There are probably hundreds of personality typing systems out there, but today we’re focusing on three that have had the biggest impact on our creativity: the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Enneagram, and Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies.

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    S4 E19: Ideal Creative Retreats

    The longing for a peaceful creative retreat at a cabin in the mountains is probably high on the wish lists of creative people everywhere. But the fact is, our mountaintop creative moments don’t happen all that often, and we probably need to dream a little closer to our own backdoors if we’re ever going to make creative retreats happen in our own lives. Today we’re chatting about those retreats, the dreamy ideal ones and the real ones.

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    S4E18: Creative Communities and How They Help Us

    For many of us, it’s tempting to shove our creativity into a dark corner and try to keep making progress on our own. But like we talked about in our episode on sharing your creativity, creatives aren’t meant to work in a vacuum. This week, we’re focusing on creative communities: how to find them, how they can help us achieve our goals, and our personal experiences being part of creative communities.

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    S4E17: Callie Feyen on Writing Through Transitions

    We’re excited to share a special episode this week as we welcome back returning guest and one of our favorite writers, Callie Feyen. Callie has been on the podcast twice in recent years, and we’ve loved hearing from her about her writing journey and how it has evolved as her life has changed. Since we last chatted, she’s undergone another big transition and published her first book, The Teacher Diaries: Romeo and Juliet, released February 14th by TS Poetry Press, and she’s here to tell us all about it.

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    S4E16: Get Unstuck: Troubleshooting Common Creative Pitfalls

    Do you get excited about a new creative project, then give up halfway through? Or maybe you don't think your idea is good enough to even get started? What if you get all the way to the end of a project but can't quite push through to the finish line? We all have individual struggles with actually completing a creative project. Today, Ashley and Abbie are hashing out some of the most common creative pitfalls and how you can troubleshoot them.

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    S4 E15: Dealing with Tasks that Drag Us Down

    Life is full of those little things that have to get done but that can really drag us down. If we let them, they’ll steal our time and our energy away from the creative pursuits that are important to us. Today, we’re chatting about all those small things that drag us down and our best tips for dealing with them so we can get back to our fun creative projects.

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    S4 E14: Trying New Types of Creativity

    We’re all trying to make room for our creative projects in our already full lives, so how do we approach trying new types of creativity? Do we even? Ashley and Abbigail chat about the types of creativity they’ve tried in the past, things they’ve picked up, loved, hated, and put down, and what new things they’d like to try someday soon.

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    S4 E13: Building Creative Habits

    We're not huge fans of structured creative goals, but we DO like building creative habits into our daily lives. In this episode, we're sharing how we cultivate creative habits and the tactics that do and don't work for us.

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    S4 E12: What Counts as Creativity?

    What counts as "real" creativity? Join Ashley and Abbigail as they explore the definition of creativity and how to define it in your own life.

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    S4 E11 Tracking and Setting Creative Goals in 2018

    Setting creative goals can be a whole lot of fun -- but meeting them is often a whole different story. Ashley and Abbigail chat about what their creative goals are for 2018 and how they plan to measure and track them. There’s a lot of discussion on what makes a creative goal a good one and how to choose goals when you’re just not sure what your year is going to look like.

    You can now support Chasing Creative on Patreon!

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    S4 E10: Reading and Creativity

    This episode is all about books! We're chatting about how reading helps (and hinders) our creative lives, the books that have made an impact on our creativity, and the ups and downs of setting reading goals.

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    S4 E9: What Our Creative Spaces Look Like

    Every one of us dreams about having the perfect creative space: it’s got tons of natural light, elegantly potted plants, clear surfaces, and all of our tools within arm’s reach. This is far from reality for most of us, contrary to what Instagram would have you think. Ashley and Abbigail share what their real creative spaces look like, how they could make them better, and tips and tricks you may not have thought of to help you claim your creative space as your own and make it work for you instead of against you.

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    S4 E8: Celebrating Creative Wins

    Today's episode is all about creative wins: what we consider a win in our own lives, why it's so important to acknowledge our accomplishments (big and small), and our favorite ways to celebrate creative wins.

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    S4 E7: Creative Challenges

    It’s hard to work on your own creative projects. You have to find the time, the energy, and the motivation -- and those three rarely live on the same planet for most of us these days. One way to convince yourself -- or maybe trick yourself -- to prioritize your own work and make progress on your creative goals is to join a creative challenge. Ashley and Abbigail discuss the creative challenges that they are aware of, how they’ve helped them on their creative goals, and which ones they’d do again.

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    S4 E6: What We Turn to When Life Gets Full

    We all have our busy seasons in life, whether they're predictable or unexpected. No matter what’s happening in our lives, we still only get 24 hours in each day. In this episode, we’re talking about the tried-and-true resources that fill us up and don’t feel like a time-suck, even when life gets busy.

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    S4 E5: Sharing Your Creativity

    It’s a big topic in the creative world: sharing your work. It’s an issue that creatives of all ages and all experience levels can relate to. It’s scary to put your work out there, but hopefully our conversation in this episode will help you feel more comfortable sharing your creative self with the world.

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    S4 E4: How We Waste Extra Time

    We’ve all done it: said we had no time to get everything done, let alone do something creative. Sometimes, that’s true. And other times, we need to take a look at how we are actually spending those little moments throughout the day and ask ourselves if not having enough time is the issue, or if we are maybe just wasting a little more than we think. Ashley and Abbie fess up on what they spend their “extra” time on - and what they should be doing instead.

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    S4 E3: Seasons of Creativity - A Day in the Life with Abbigail

    We’re continuing to explore the intersection of creativity and daily life with a look at a day in Abbie’s life. Key takeaways include looking at your life as a rhythm rather than a rigid structure, the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, and remembering that we all go through seasons of ups and downs in our creative lives. Listen in to gain new insights and perspectives on your own creative life!

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    S4 E2: Juggling Creativity - A Day in the Life with Ashley

    In this episode, we’re jumping into a day in the life with Ashley as she juggles the urge to be creative with freelance work and being home all day with her two young kids. Key takeaways include starting the day with a peaceful morning and planning to make good use of your most unproductive time of the day. Listen in to gain new insights and perspectives on your own daily routine!

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    S4 E1 - Creative Conversations in Season 4

    Chasing Creative is back for season 4! Tune in to hear more about what we have planned for the upcoming season and find out what we’ve been up to in our creative lives lately.

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    S3 E6: Embracing Your Season of Creativity with Lisa Hensley

    We're chatting with Lisa Hensley about how she embraces her season of motherhood and makes space for creativity as she raises three (soon to be four!) boys. Lisa is the master at working within the life she's living rather than wishing she had more time to create. Listen in to hear her wisdom!

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    S3 E5: Balancing a Creative Job & Creative Hobbies with Sarah Fox

    We chatted with author and editor Sarah Fox about how she balances her day job (which is writing and editing) with her side hustle (which is also writing and editing...), how she gets in a writing groove, and the books she thinks you should read right now.

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    S3 E4: Getting to Work with Elise Blaha Cripe

    We're chatting with Elise Blaha Cripe about being creative throughout the different stages of life, taking breaks from your creative projects, and where she got the inspiration to create her Get to Work Book.

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    S3 E3: Balancing Creativity & Community with Rachel Dawson

    We're chatting with blogger Rachel Dawson on how to balance work creativity with personal creativity, how to find a happy medium with social media, and what she's reading lately (she reads more than just about anyone else we know!).

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    S3 E2: Literary Cooking with Nicole Gulotta

    We're chatting with blogger and writer Nicole Gulotta about her forthcoming literary cookbook, Eat This Poem. Join us to hear her tips on managing the writing life while supporting other authors (and, of course, cooking delicious food).

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    S3 E1: We're Back & Setting Creative Goals

    We're back for Season 3 of the Chasing Creative podcast! And we're chatting all about setting creative goals, practical tips we have for making creativity easy to slip into your daily life, and - of course! - the books we read on our break.

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    S2 E7: Being flexible during busy seasons

    Ashley & Abbigail here with our final episode of Season 2 of the Chasing Creative podcast! We're taking another little break after our mini-season, and in this season's finale we chat about why, how rolling with life's ups and downs is essential to the creative process, and when we're (hopefully) going to be back again with new episodes in Season 3.

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    S2 E6: Catching Up With Jenna & Josiah Hazel

    Jenna and Josiah are newlyweds, and one of the most creative couples I know. Jenna works from home as a self-employed photographer and blogger. Josiah works in graphic design and makes music as much as he can in his spare time. He finds selling other people’s stuff easier than selling his own. They recently moved to Denver… and then back again, and we wanted to catch up with them in their new home in Chicago! We last heard from them in episode 17 of season one, and they’ve made a few changes since then.

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    S2 E5: Catching up with Callie Feyen

    We first chatted with Callie Feyen in Episode 5 of Season 1. At the time, Callie was living near Washington, DC, and was teaching part-time, writing part-time, and being a mom all the time. Now she's moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is learning to balance writing with a full-time teaching job and a lengthy commute. Listen in to hear about her new creative projects (including TWO books!) and how she's making them happen. You can follow along with Callie at and on Twitter and Instagram as @CallieFeyen.

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    S2 E4: Catching Up With Bethany Grow

    We last heard from Bethany Grow in Episode 9 of Season 1, where she shared her dreams for opening her own ice cream business---and this last summer, she did! Learn what made her finally pull the trigger and start her own business, as well as the challenges and successes of her first summer selling ice cream. You can learn more about Bethany’s ice cream adventures and love of food at her personal blog,

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    S2 E3: Catching up with Aliza Latta

    The last time we chatted with Aliza Latta in episode 24 of Season 1 of Chasing Creative, she swore she was never, ever going to college. Well, she changed her mind and we were so excited to have her back on the podcast to discuss how she came to that decision and what her creative life looks like now that she’s back in class.

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    S2 E2: Catching up with Amy Lynne Hayes of The Global Creator

    We first met Amy in Episode 20 of Chasing Creative. Since then, she’s left her full-time job and is pursuing her next creative project: The Global Creator, a shop where designer goods and experiential luxury travel combine. Today we’re chatting about the perfect timing of starting her new business and what it’s been like to collaborate with so many other creatives. Be sure to check out The Global Creator at!

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    Season 2 Episode 1: We're Back!

    We’re back! We really, really enjoyed our break - and are also so excited to be back recording Chasing Creative again. In our Season Two intro, we share what we did over our summer vacation, how our creativity fared, and - of course! - what we read.

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    Episode 25: Creative Breaks with Ashley & Abbigail

    Join us in this last episode of Season 1 as we chat all about creative breaks, setting goals for yourself even during the slow seasons, and strategies for handling your online life when you're actively avoiding the online world. Whether you're a brand new listener or have been with us from the beginning, we can't thank you enough for joining us in the conversation here on Chasing Creative!

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    Episode 24: Choosing Your Own Creative Path with Aliza Latta

    Aliza Latta is a twenty-one-year-old writer, storyteller, artist, and hand letterer. She is a huge fan of both courage and ice cream, and we like how she thinks. We chatted with Aliza about her art, where she gathers her inspiration, why she chose not to go to college, and how choosing her own creative path has helped her find her passion.

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    Episode 23: Stumbling Upon Your Creative Passion with Sarah Woolworth

    Sarah Woolworth is the blogger behind Wisconsin from Scratch and a cofounder of Wisconsin Whisk, a collective of Wisconsin-based food bloggers. Sarah is a former engineer turned culinarian. We're excited to chat with her about finding her creative passion as an adult, starting a collective with other bloggers, managing a schedule filled with several creative projects and a young baby, and where she finds her cooking inspiration.

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    Episode 22: Choosing a Creative Life with Stephanie Hammer

    Stephanie is a freelance graphic designer with a passion for all things creative. Since graduating with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2015, she’s worked for numerous businesses, bloggers, and other creatives, bringing brands and web designs to life, and has even freelanced for dream clients like Target. On weekends you can find her with her cameras, and while she loves design, her true loves in life are her family and stuffed-crust pizza. She believes that creativity is essential for living a full life and that everyone is creative - and we agree. We couldn’t wait to speak with Steph about being a work at home mom, choosing graphic design over radiology, and being married to someone just as creative as she is.

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    Episode 21: Intentional Creativity with Erica Layne

    Erica Layne is the mom of three behind Let Why Lead, a place for purposeful women. Listen in as we chat with her about finding your why as a creative, living by your values, and being intentional about self-care and wellness.

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    Episode 20: Being a Global Creator with Amy Lynne Hayes

    Amy has played with wearing many hats over the years - artist, designer, blogger, freelance journalist. But at the root of all of this lies two things: a passion for travel and a creative, free-spirited soul. She now combines all of the above as the creative director for a luxury travel company headquartered in Miami, Florida, with 43 additional offices in 34 countries around the world. We chatted with Amy about how she makes travel a priority, what it’s like to run an Instagram hashtag that stretches around the world, and how the building blocks of her career led her to a dream job.

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    Episode 19: Creating vs. Consuming with Jenny Bravo

    Jenny Bravo is the self-published author of These Are the Moments and the blogger behind Blots and Plots, a motivational blog for readers and writers. We're chatting with Jenny about being intentional with your time, balancing creation with consumption, building the dreaded author platform, and crappy first drafts.

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    Episode 18: Finding Creativity in Loss with Amber Thomas

    Amber Thomas of Mr. Thomas and Me is one of our internet favorites. She’s genuine, geared for engagement, and so, so smart. We chatted with Amber about all the projects she has going (hint: it’s a lot of awesome), how her creativity changed as she experienced the loss of her father to dementia, and how she uses the internet in ways that keep her inspired.

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    Episode 17: Taking Creative Leaps with Josiah and Jenna Hazel

    Josiah and Jenna are newlyweds navigating the waters of making space for creative projects and taking big creative leaps. Josiah works in marketing by day and makes music by night while Jenna is a full-time creative as a self-employed photographer and blogger. Together, they recently released their first debut album for their band, Settling Houses. Join us as we chat about finding space in the margins for creative work, tackling a big creative project together, taking leaps of faith in your creativity, and dealing with the awkwardness of self-promotion.

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    Episode 16: Getting Gutsy With Your Creativity with Jessica Lawlor

    Today we are chatting with Jessica Lawlor. Jess is a communications professional, writer, personal branding expert and speaker in the Philadelphia area. After six years in the corporate PR world, Jessica left her job this spring to run her own communications agency, blog, and brand, and to teach yoga. We chat about her time management now that she is self-employed and how yoga brought new inspiration to her life.

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    Episode 15: Being a Creative Couple with Josh and Stasia Haroldson

    We're chatting with creative couple and hosts of the Our First Drink podcast Josh and Stasia Haroldson about what it looks like to be in a creative partnership with your spouse. Join us as we talk about the relationship dynamic that comes from working on a shared project, tips for any creative collaboration, and being yourself on social media.

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    Episode 14: Quitting a Dream Job for a Day Job with Nikki Tran

    Nikki Tran is a photographer, painter, pianist and puppy-mom to a Yorkipoo named Rusty. Over the last several years she has built a business as a talented wedding photographer in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Now, she’s decided to give up what some people would think is a dream job to return to a 9-5 life. Listen in as she describes what her motivating factors are, and how she plans to make room for her creativity in this transition.

  63. Thumb 1457908280 artwork

    Episode 13: Tools to Manage Your Creative Life

    In this solo episode, Abbigail and Ashley are taking you behind the scenes of our own creative lives. Learn about the tools we use to manage our creative projects, our favorite ways to outsource mundane tasks, what our daily routines look like, and how we define creative success.

  64. Thumb 1457492122 artwork

    Episode 12: Make A Mini Creative Retreat with Jennie Moraitis

    Jennie Moraitis from Little Girl Designs started college as a music major… and then ended up working at engineering firms all across the U.S. It’s a little less of a traditional route than we hear on Chasing Creative, and it was such a joy to hear how she re-introduced creativity in her life, how she got started blogging about creativity, and how she makes time for it in her everyday life. She shares with us her theory of “procrastinating joy”---and how she created the project #2030Make to help us all conquer it.

  65. Thumb 1457491887 artwork

    Episode 11: Finding Happiness in Creativity with Morgan Swank

    Morgan Swank is a freelance fashion illustrator: how cool is that? We loved chatting with Morgan about how she chose to do what she loved even when it was a little scary, how she finds balance between making and creating, and how to stay yourself on social media. For all of you introverts out there, she also talks about the struggle to balance the desire to be alone in order to nurture creativity, with not being too disconnected from people that she goes too crazy. Relate? We sure can.

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    Episode 10: On Valuing Yourself Enough to Create with Kendra Adachi

    This episode is a little longer than usual, but we think Kendra’s words are worth it. We giggled. We made fun of folding fitted sheets. And we so, so enjoyed her perspective on making time for creativity amidst the craziness of children, home renovations, and the changing seasons of life. She gets seriously real about not feeling guilty about taking time for yourself, and how being a mom is not always what fills her creatively. She’s exactly the kind of creative, regular person we had in mind when we started the Chasing Creative podcast, and we hope you will enjoy and learn from her words of wisdom on being your own creative self.

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    Episode 9: Embracing Change as a Creative with Bethany Grow

    We're chatting with Bethany Grow about her transition from working as a freelance graphic designer to developing ice cream recipes in the hopes of one day opening her own ice cream shop. Join us as we talk about how to how to handle tricky creative transitions, why it's worth it to embrace trying new things, and how to find positivity on social media.

  68. Thumb 1456429208 artwork

    Episode 8: Being Actively Creative with Writer & Photographer Lindsay Crandall

    Lindsay Crandall is a photographer and writer, a mama, and half of the daily collaboration at She has written for Art House America and The Curator. Most recently, Lindsay began working as a photographer with Stocksy United. Listen in as we chat with Lindsay about finding joy in creativity, defining creative success on your own terms, being actively creative, and finding art in the ordinary.

  69. Thumb 1455759816 artwork

    Episode 7: Balancing Creative Interests with Susannah Brinkley

    Susannah Brinkley is the creative behind food and travel blog Feast + West and the branding and graphic design site Garnishing Co. Join us as we chat about the challenges of balancing many interests and projects, staying productive and organized, finding your creative focus, and why the cycle of creative burnout may not be as bad as you thought.

  70. Thumb 1455631829 artwork

    Episode 6: Creativity is a Muscle - Writing & Publishing with Amanda Shofner

    Amanda Shofner satisfies her need for adventure through the written word. She’s a self-published author who has written urban fantasy, non-fiction and romantic suspense. She’s a voracious reader, TV-watcher and Minneapolis native. We chatted with Amanda about her writing process, alpha readers, beta readers, pantsing, plotting and a little bit of everything in between.

  71. Thumb 1455124931 artwork

    Episode 5: Writing Creatively with Callie Feyen

    We couldn’t wait to chat with Callie Feyen for the Chasing Creative podcast! If you’ve ever read her blog, you know why: her essays are stunning glimpses into a life lived with eyes wide open, taking in the world and finding the beauty in the everyday. Callie is a writer, a teacher, and a mom to two awesome daughters. In this episode, she discusses how balancing the three of those callings has looked differently in each season of life, how she learned to bring her writing into her daily life, and adds a half a dozen more books to everyone’s TBR list.

  72. Thumb 1456428923 artwork

    Episode 4: Consistency and Creativity with Leah Van Ert

    Leah Van Ert is a church secretary by day and a writer, illustrator, and creator by night. Most often, she writes at her blog, My Favorite Adventure, about book recommendations, weekend getaways, daily life, and everything in between. Listen in as we chat with Leah about scheduling time for creativity, the key to being a consistent blogger, trying something new with Bible journaling, and when you’re “allowed” to think of yourself as a creative person.

  73. Thumb 1455124619 artwork

    Episode 3: Building Creative Community with Kayla Hollatz

    Join us for this episode of Chasing Creative as we talk with creative community builder Kayla Hollatz! Kayla is a PR and social media professional by day and a creative coach, community builder, short-form poet, and host of the Twitter chat #createlounge by night. Listen in as we talk about investing in your audience to build an authentic community, finding the courage to launch your creative projects, and fighting off online overconsumption.

  74. Thumb 1454105611 artwork

    Episode 2: Journaling, Making, and Motherhood with Kenzie Swanson

    For our first interview on Chasing Creative, we chatted with Kenzie Swanson from Hello Neverland. Kenzie is a writer, a photographer, an Etsy shop maker, and a mom to an 18-month-old. In the episode we chat about how her blogging strategy has changed over the last several years and how she’s tried out different creative outlets in a very public space. She gets real about going back to work after having her daughter - and then deciding that it wasn’t working and making the change to stay home. We chat about her love for journaling, how she manages her time, and what she’s been reading lately. Oh---and young, creative yuppies.

  75. Thumb 1453398919 artwork

    Episode 1: Start Here

    Welcome to the first episode of the Chasing Creative podcast! In this short intro episode we’re giving you the rundown on what Chasing Creative is all about. We’re sharing where we’re at in our own lives, including our constant struggle against creative burnout. We chat about not having enough energy for creative projects at the end of the day, the ways we (kind of) prioritize our creativity, why we have a love/hate relationship with Twitter, and what you can expect from the Chasing Creative podcast going forward.

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